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Pavia, called Ticinum in antiquity, is situated in south-western Lombardy, 35 km south of Milan on the lower Ticino river near its confluence with the Po. Steeped in history, the city was the capital of the Ostrogothic Kingdom (540-553), of the Kingdom of the Lombards (572-774), of the Kingdom of Italy (774-1024) and the seat of the Visconti court (1365-1413). Longobard capital for two centuries, its fascination remains intact with the centre’s maze of narrow streets, ancient churches and elegant buildings all bordered by the River Ticino.

City of Pavia

Some industries located in the suburbs do not disturb the peaceful atmosphere which comes from the preservation of the city's past, and the climate of study and meditation associated with its ancient University.

Culturally speaking, Pavia has much to offer: There are 19 museums and various collections, 22 public libraries and university circuit libraries, cinemas and theatres, social-cultural meeting places, a music conservatory and civic schools of music and arts.

The countless events, festivals, exhibitions, concerts, meeting places and university sports events combine to create an intellectually stimulating stage and the ideal place to live and study.

Castello Visconteo

Palazzo Vistarino

Ponte Coperto

Certosa di Pavia

University of Pavia

Pavia is a place for students to call home. Founded in Roman times, Pavia population today is made up of approximately 70,000 inhabitants and 24,000 students.

University of Pavia- Top View

Aula Magna

Central - Top View